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Creation Date January 21st, 2021
Updated Date Updated February 20th, 2021
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About This List

As I review podcasts that touch on pop culture, movies, television, and other forms of entertainment, I will add them here.
  1. The podcast that brings college-level analysis to preschool-level content! Hosts Alan and Rebecca take deep dives into kids' movies and TV shows that they are forced to watch on repeat thanks to their three-year-old son, Warren. It's a little about parenting and a lot about over-analyzing content that was never meant to be examined that closely. In honor of the subject matter, the podcast is PG, but it still touches on grown-up themes and ideas. Listeners need not be parents to enjoy.
  2. The Industry is a podcast that takes a closer look at some of the lesser know (and sometimes intentionally forgotten) stories of Hollywood. Insane productions, scandalous lawsuits, victories from the jaws of defeat (and vice versa), and maybe the occasional crime are the order of the day here. Each episode takes one topic and attempts to answer "What were they thinking?" Feel free to contact me with questions (or complaints) at See for privacy and opt-out information.
  3. Monthly Muppet podcast. Hosts Kerry and Justin are joined by a guest to discuss their Muppet of the Month.
  4. Variety podcast coverage on modern events, customer service drama, fantasy football makes and breaks, fast food tiers, etc.
  5. Welcome to an new podcast for Southgate Media "How Many" the podcast that takes a public figure and debates how many significant contributions they've made to pop culture. Hosted by Jesse, Bob, and Junior.
  6. A podcast for sci-fi lovers that span across books, movies, Tv-Shows, or games. We may discuss wild theories about some science fiction topics. SPOILERS may be included, so be sure to watch, listen, or read before listening. To record a voice message on this episode or future episodes, please go to and click on the message button. A Member of the "Let's Chat" Network Discord: Support this podcast:
  7. The monthly podcast where two buddies discuss whatever's on their mind. Support this podcast:
  8. A podcast where we take a movies rotten tomatoes score, and ask is it really that good, or is it really that bad.
  9. Be the master of trivia night without having to do any of the research! Learn more about your favorite movies, hear the stories behind the stories, and find out what two random people on the internet have to say. Join two old buddies Dustin and Jon as they drink a little rum, and talk a lot of movie.
  10. Join the Film Rage Crew, Jim, Bryce and Murray as they discuss movies currently playing, coming soon, streaming and from the past. Passionate, opinionated talk about actors, directors and everything to do with cinema. They love movies just like you, so sit back, relax and FEEL THE RAGE!
  11. Jen delves into watching the Disney Animated Feature films and reacts to them with a modern eye. Every episode includes the history of the film and how it came to be.Buy me a coffee at Support this show
  12. Tell Me I’m Wrong is a comedy, debate podcast launched in the heart of the quarantine of 2020. Born out of the creative delusion that set in around the sixth week, Josh Ballard, Ryan Story, and Joe Robinson set out to answer the most important questions facing this generation. Questions like: What fast food mascot would be the most terrifying horror movie villain? Tom Brady or Peyton Manning: Which all-pro quarterback would you prefer to have given you “the talk” as a kid? Which band would win a game of 5 on 5 basketball: N*Sync or Backstreet Boys? Now, join them as they ponder the meaning of life, and seek the truth by meticulously researching and debating the most ridiculous questions of all time. Just remember, somebody will win the debate, but we are all losers for finding the answer.
  13. Comedy and edutainment podcast discussing and breaking down a Top 10ish List every week in real time, including: Highest grossing films ever, worst U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, best-selling video games, most visited websites, deadliest cults, and much more. Plus: fun facts, trivia, hot takes, and hot dogs. 100+ episodes and counting, with new episodes every Wednesday!
  14. FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast explores horror--in real life AND in the movies--from an LGBT perspective. Join co-hosts Andrew and Matty for a fun ride through it all!  Part of the DREAD Podcast Network
  15. A radical retro step back in time with one over excitable wally and a stoic 80's encyclopedia that looks like the ginger bloke from MASK. Every week together they travel back and forward time (sans Delorian) to deliver you the world's most bodacious nostalgia, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping that the next leap will be the leap home
  16. Your new favourite transatlantic film review podcast, trawling through the blockbusters and critical darlings in search of the best film ever.

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