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Santa's Christmas Day Podcasts!

These are the podcasts that I listened to while I flew through the skies and dropped presents off at every household! I got them from this Twitter post:https://twitter.com/Podchaser/status/1473021892474949634

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Created December 23, 2021

Updated December 23, 2022



  1. Welcome to the Charts & Hearts Podcast! We are working our way through an epic list of rom coms in order to find and categorize tropes in the hopes of creating the most epic spreadsheet podcasts have ever seen. Join us as we watch old favs and
  2. A behind-the-scenes look into the gritty, non-glamorous hate-fueled life of the aircraft maintainer.
  3. We are a British Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) podcasting crew. As a mixed gender group of friends with a passion for fantasy adventuring through the medium of table top role play. Our weekly episodic podcasts are produced from live organic play
  4. A podcast about language, language learning, and sociolinguistics from a polyglot's point of view! Be sure to follow @PolyglottalPod on Twitter and @ThePolyglottalStop on Instagram and Tiktok! Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/angeliquevoice
  5. We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with the all kinds of messed up stories.Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/brew-crime-podcast--3268019/support.
  6. Welcome to Namely 90s, the podcast that takes you back to the time before smartphones, Google, and Y2K. Join your hosts, Andrew & Brandon, as they relive the pop culture that shaped a generation, and the parts that many people wish they could f
  7. Join Dan Bull and Will Warren as each episode they take a brilliant pop album and go through it track by track, discussing the acts, the songwriting and production, iconic music videos and artwork, and their memories of the release.Let us kno
  8. 4 friends compete in various contests. Whoever loses has to watch a terrible movie. Filled with reviews of good and bad movies. Please subscribe! Want in on the conversation? Add us on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram @GameForAMovie
  9. This is Highly Irregular: the Podcast with No Right Angle!Surreal British comedy and original songs (think Flight of the Conchords, The Horne Section, Mitchell and Webb, The Fast Show) from the mind of novice multi-instrumentalist and all-rou
  10. Spotlight on Darkcast is our networks own podcast featuring a delicious buffet of excellent shows a bit on the darker side of life. From true crime to paranormal, conspiracy theories and darkly obscure topics, our shows will not disappoint you!
  11. Be the hero of your own story with Dorktales Storytime, the award-winning podcast for kids and their pop culture loving grownups. Enter their Once Upon a Time world where hosts, Jonathan Cormur and Mr. Reginald T. Hedgehog, take you on a storyt
  12. The JP's World Podcast was created to share a message to share ideas with the world.I saw through the days and months of my recent young adult life that the world was being pictured as this dark, sad place where negativity was starting to rul
  13. If you're on this planet, plants have a HUGE impact on your life. Whether you're a vegan, a carnivore, or somewhere in between, plants are the basis of the food you eat, the clothes your wear, and the air you breathe. We don't intend just to te
  14. A podcast where two people take two films with the same plot or premise and watch and discuss them
  15. Matt and Jayce are two ex college radio guys who became ex professional radio guys who are now professionally guys in other professions. Tune in to see if you get Matt & Jayce, Prufrock & Jayce "the Ace", The Doctors of Love or maybe you'll ju
  16. A strange letter. An impossible sender. Secrets hidden in the ground. From STUDIO5705, a scripted fiction podcast set in present-day Washington State about a man’s journey to unlock a family mystery—and find things long ago buried. Three comple
  17. Music, chat, fun, current events. A little something for everyone! Original broadcast is Wednesday and Saturday nights at 11PM ET at http://blogtalkradio.com/justifiedmadnessEpisodes go live here on Spreaker at 11:45PM ET Wednesday and Saturday
  18. Oral Stimulation and all the sexy sex-positive stuff! My goals with this podcast are twofold: to provide you an escape to enjoy your sexuality and to improve it with the help of experts. Hi! Welcome to my podcast! I'm an erotica author and NSFW
  19. We talk about music, things that music have in common, great guests, and conversations about the influence in the music scene. #Spanglish is our first language :) #Music #Música #Colombia #Podcast #Spanish #English
  20. The podcast where we talk about Nerdy Pop-Culture Stuff, but it‘s mostly Star Wars.Twitter: @kryptonalderaanEmail:[email protected]
  21. Your space for an unfiltered and candid conversation. Skip the small talk and dive in deep. Produced in London and hosted by Enzo Sebastiani & Claire Handley. Every week each host is surprised with a "secret topic" chosen by the other and jus
  22. Located in the 607, The ODPH podcast talks a parlay of topics each week! Whether it‘s Sports, Movies, Tv, Comics, Pro wrestling & more, expect the #ODPHpod to have a take on it! odphpodcast.com
  23. A big brother and a little sister talking baseball. We love everything about 'America's Pastime'. It's in our DNA. The Dodgers and the Angels are our teams.Winners of the 2023 Internet Baseball Writers Association of America Inaugural Content
  24. This is South African True Crime Podcast, where I take you on a journey through one of the most dangerous countries in the world and discuss never before covered cases. With me your host and everything else, Marissa Bones Find me on Instagram
  25. No hyperbolic hustle culture, just brutally honest, straightforward business advice and motivation every Saturday for entrepreneurs, business owners or anyone pursuing success. You can’t just work 9 - 5 Monday through Friday and hope to become
  26. The team at Aucoin Analytics, LLC provides key insights from the week and discusses how these events will impact government, business, and society in the future.
  27. Are you Marked Safe? Join friends Brianne and Melanie as they come together to share some of the worlds most incredible disaster stories and delve into the details and fallout from them.
  28. Unwind and relax with a meandering and boring story carefully crafted to help you chill out at bedtime, and to help ease you in to sound peaceful slumber. There’s no drama, no excitement; all of our stories are just rambling stress-free tales m
  29. Welcome to Wayfaring Strangers, a seasonal TTRPG Actual-play podcast hosted by members of indie prog-rock band, Winter Wayfarer! Join Collin Hop, Marty Balmer, Jake Garrett, Eldon Warner, and Ryan Vande Vegte as they weave tales of heroism, he
  30. An improv podcast about spotting new monsters & reporting their mythos to you. Guests, ghouls, & good times hosted by senior anchor Val Petrone. Produced with Paper Boat Productions.
  31. The Okie Bookcast is dedicated to helping curious readers like you find your next great read by connecting you to Oklahoma authors and stories. Each episode includes an interview with a contributor to the reading life of Oklahoma - it might be
  32. MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast is a Podcast Show That Will Discuss Many Topics, Personal Stories, Inspirational Content, Interviewing Many Amazing Guests About Their Life Stories. We Also Feature Many MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast Spinoff Series
  33. A Podcast that treats Star Wars like a sacred text. Podcast of the Whills is your weekly dose of positive Star Wars fun. We have everything from amazing guests and interviews to personally crafted cocktails to all the Top 7 lists your heart cou
  34. ThatFkingShow... It's not big and it's not clever Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
  35. Welcome to The Vanity Project, hosted by Drag queen Vanity von Glow. This series will showcase engaging discussions between a drag queen and unlikely guests from the worlds of entertainment, media and politics. It will juxtapose the laughs we a
  36. Hello and welcome to Unequal Sequel, a film podcast where the premise is very simple – we ask our guests their best ever sequel, worst ever sequel and finally their dream sequel.
  37. The Green Bench is a symbol of elder wisdom. Physically or virtually, the bench invites us all to sit alongside a senior, share a conversation, or give and offer advice.It challenges the stigma seniors face; the ageism still so prevalent in s
  38. A cosy murder mystery set in Wales during a very boring apocalypse. Life in Prosperity heights during the apocalypse is boring. That is until the day-to-day tedium is shattered by murder! Serial slacker Jack Davies and his housemate‘s, Kara
  39. A fun and positive Star Wars discussion show. News, reviews, and thoughts. The inner rumination of Alberto Calderon, a Star Wars fan with no agenda.
  40. Do you love discussing movies with others who share the same passion? Do you love coming up with movie ideas? Do you love having shouting matches with friends about how they're idiots? Then Sequel Pitch might just be for you! Doing its best t
  41. A different type of movie podcast. I interview people about their favorite movie twice monthly. I also have two co-hosts 2x monthly and do deep dive reviews. One of those reviews will be chose by our followers on Twitter.
  42. A dorky adult gives goofy, somewhat insightful commentary on Television shows/movies and middle-grade & YA books for the casual listener. Some original stories included. *For An Adult Audience. May contain some mature language. Discretion adv
  43. Around the Galaxy with hosts Pete Fletzer and Nick Mielke share in-depth interviews with the people behind the fandom. The stream also features Podcast of the Whills, the podcast that treats Star Wars like a sacred text and audio from the weekl
  44. Have you ever wondered about where our favourite holiday foods come from? What really is a figgy pudding, or how does a Roman Pope stop the world from enjoying German stollen? Join host and certified baker, Glen Warren, as he dives into the hi
  45. Comedian making very funny podcasts which discuss exquisitely crafted fabricated lives in a very serious manner. No guest ever sees the questions about their alternative life in advance, they survive purely on their wit, lies and love of nonse
  46. Bringing you stories, news, fun facts, and more about whales, dolphins and porpoises.
  47. The audio sitcom that spits in the face of God. Bea is a 10,000-year-old demon who fought in the rebellion against the tyrant god Yahweh. Claire is a 30-year-old atheist. They live together in Slope Hill, Brooklyn. And Hell is coming after them
  48. The Vanishing Act is globetrotting farce about a German magic enthusiast, an American conman in Paris, an unfortunately-named engineer, a disappearing French magician, and a duck.
  49. A real-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast where 3 adventurers work to prevent calamities and disasters from arising before they can ever become a threat.In Campaign 1, join Arlo Agon, Winterra Darknight, and Saithe as they try to protect the world
  50. Are you interested in how movies are made? Do you wonder how a film went from conception to completion? If so Verbal Diorama, hosted by Em, is the podcast for you! Movies are tough to make, and Verbal Diorama is here to celebrate the coming t
  51. Join Armbar, Brock, Epi, and Rook, as they investigate the mysterious rise of wild magic in Waterdeep!
  52. A Horror-ish Comedy Podcast. Come for the scares, stay for the laughs! Hosted by Rob, Laura and Greg.
  53. Three music geeks from the West Midlands jabbering on about music...Part of the We Dig Podcasts network, along with Free With This Months Issue & Pick A Disc. Find us at https://wedigpodcasts.com
  54. Intertwined tells the story of the more than 577 people enslaved by George and Martha Washington at Mount Vernon. Told through the biographies of Sambo Anderson, Davy Gray, William Lee, Kate, Ona Judge, Nancy Carter Quander, Edmund Parker, Caro
  55. A family friendly NFL podcast by guys who love to rank, grade, and draft everything about football except the Dallas Cowboys. Hosted by Caleb Wahlgren and Derek Rusinek.