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You've been dumped. You've done some dumping. You've listened to part one. Let's wrap this up. This week it's time to learn how to journal and list-make your way through emotional agony, and internalise a few more hot tips from your fave Qualif
So you've had your tender heart shattered into a million tiny pieces. Yikes. Now what? Luckily for you, sweetiepie, the world's most sensitive little darling (Madz0rs) and her momager (NeonFiona) are here to dry your eyes, take your hand and we
Our definitive ranking of Britain's monarchical mishaps wraps up this week with some heavy hitters. We're talkin' Prince Charles. We're talkin' Fergie. We're unfortunately talkin' Prince Andrew. We're talking The People's Princess, The Queen of
Oops, they did it again! And again, and again. That wacky queen and her kooky gang of offspring are always up to shenanigans, and we're here to rehash the iconic - and notorious - moments they'd rather forget. From Prince Charles and his horrif
Just two gals who absolutely do not simp for murderers deciding which horrible monster is #1 in their completely impartial hearts. Follow us on IG & Twitter (and now the 'Tok, bby!) @heycabinfever xo RECOMMENDED VIEWING Myra Hindley & Ian Bra
SHAZAM. Another instant classic. In the natural sequel to our smash hit two-parter 'Ranking Cults', this week we are mulling over the merits and pitfalls of some of history's most notorious murderers. Buckle up, sweetie. Let's judge some psycho
We aren't known worldwide as groundbreaking innovators for nothing. Today we are taking issue with the fundamental structure of the calendar year, and the notable celebrations peppered throughout it. However, instead of moping around we've deci
You've heard of creative retreats. You've heard of corporate retreats. But we are willing to bet a pretty penny that you have never before been exposed to the magical transformative power of a well-executed Scheme Retreat. Because we invented t
In the words of the Beatles, this week we are going to get by with a little help from our friends. Our very, very, very famous friends. From international heists to divorce parties and literal murder, Fiona and Maddi have whacked their imaginat
We've already taught you how to get your first kiss, now it's time to get serious. We're talking feelings. We're talking drama. We're talking befriending their mum so she constantly asks them when you will next be coming over, thus cementing yo
BREAKUP TIME, BABY! In an intriguing twist of fate, Maddi's long-term, stable relationship has seen its last sunrise and bid us all adieu. Here at Cabby Feevz we believe in turning personal trauma into stunning content, and this is no exception
Look, we're all going through a bit of an interesting one, but that doesn't mean we can't at least make an attempt to get our lives together. We're talking fresh starts. We're talking goal setting. We're talking responding to unexpected life ev
Today our Ripper saga draws to a bloody close with the final (and most brutal) murder, and then it's time to leap into history and do the Lord's work: revealing the true identity of Saucy Jacky. Who was Jack the Ripper? Maddi and Fiona may both
Back on the air & back on our BS with a deep dive into the most mysterious hunk this side of the industrial revolution. Join us as we explore the various exploits of Jack The Ripper, from his eponymous rippings to his endearing penchant for the
Cheers huns, we made it. This triumphant season finale has it all: festive fun, a good riddance to the year of blunders and two grown adults trying not to cry about Little Mix. Throw in the world's most accurate retelling of the nativity since
Yikes. Heartbreak. We've all been there, whether it be a crushing dumping at the hands of your first true love, or discovering that the hottie you've been falling for has a tapestry hanging over his bed. A blow is a blow, and a breakup is a bre
Gobble gobble, sweetie. Welcome to the first annual Cabin Fever Thanksgiving Special.  This week your award-winning hosts are feeling blessed, and we're not too shy to shout about it.  If you're wondering why we would dedicate an entire episode
36 Questions That Lead To Love. That's what we are promised.  What eventuates is less of a bonding exercise and more of a case study on the fundamental differences between the world's two favourite entertainers, Madz0rs and NeonFiona. Introvert
Twelve notorious collectives will enter, but only one can be crowned Cabin Fever's Next Top Cult. In this thrilling conclusion we rate NINE more ragtag little groups, tally the final scores and reveal our victor. No spoilies, but our winner WIL
Cults! We know 'em, we love 'em, and today we're gonna rank 'em. In the opening instalment of this two-part extravaganza we cover our first batch of contenders, discuss the merits & pitfalls of each and rate them based on our own original set o
Heyyyyyyyyyyy! Yikeessssssss. We're BACK! After a super brief hiatus we rejoin our heroes for a lively retelling of all that has transpired in the time we have spent apart. Fiona's lost 90% of her IQ, and Maddi's just lost it. Between the physi
Brew some tea, grab your sage and calendar block a therapeutic journaling session approximately 90 minutes from now, because it's time to experience Modern Art: Cursed Edition. Just how cursed are we talking here? Very. Very, very cursed. Plus
We've always said we are here to educate, and today we truly step into our destinies as Prophets of the Arts.  Explore such cultural quandaries as 'Which Damien Hirst shark is the least cursed?' and 'Did Van Gogh know about Jack the Ripper?' in
Look, we're having a bit of a rough one so we decided to freestyle this ep, and honestly? The results are as magical as ever. The world may be ending but we're still here to alienate people who cut spaghetti and bite into ice cream, so grab you
How does one banish a vampire? More importantly, how can you become one? And what can we do with this virgin stallion we've got lying around? Give this cheeky little ep a listen and you may just find out. Welcome back for part 2 of the topic ev
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