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Dark Poutine - True Crime and Dark History
True crime, legends, folklore, dark history and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians.
The Ultimate Gravity Show
The Ultimate Gravity Show is a podcast that centers around many sorts of topics. Jason & Scott will dig deep into topics, or possible switch through multiple topics in one episode. Episodes follow heavily on Humour, Pop Culture, Sports, History, Science, and much much more
Coastal BC Stories
Free audio chapters of books in the Up the Lake series, including future releases by Powell River Books. Boating, hiking, kayaking, and biking, from the viewpoint of the people of a region where mountains drop into the sea and life focuses on a different sense of purpose. Includes behind-the-scenes information regarding these books. Covers the area from Jervis Inlet to Desolation Sound and the Strait of Georgia.
Hockey Strike Webcom
No rules. No limits... no budget. Independent filmmaking meets podcasting in this syndicated sitcom. Join Scott and Dave as they deal with zombies, aliens, their inability to communicate with women, and even DEATH.
Le Corbeau de Melkor
Les légendes parlent des corbeaux comme les messagers de la mort ou même du diable. Mais les anciens n’avaient rien compris. « Le Corbeau » est le messager de Melkor. Le corbeau est le podcast hebdomadaire de la Page à Melkor. Nous discutons des grandeur nature, des jeux de rôles, des clubs, des loisirs de simulation, les artisans et les marchands du Québec.