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A curated podcast list by Chris Roberts
Creation Date October 27th, 2019
Updated Date Updated October 28th, 2019
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Podcasts that cover film in a meaningful way.
I Saw It On Linden Street
I Saw It On Linden Street is dedicated to the joy of finding appreciation of in cult films, exploitation oddities, beloved classics and all points in-between. Host Chris Roberts invites listeners to join in as they screen movie magic in the Linden Street Cinema Experience Theatre.
Reel Feels Podcast
We are the Reel Feel Podcast, every other Wednesday we'll bring you a new movie with all the feels you can handle. We'll laugh, we'll cry and possibly restrain the frustration to curse the heavens. Lots is to be had, reviews, input, film bashing, history, trivia and lots more. But what you can count on is three guys sharing their love of cinema with you.
Bottom of the Stream
Bottom of the Stream is a brand new podcast hosted by Adam and Nick who each week will be delving the murky depths at the bottom of Netflix to hopefully find some hidden gems that Nobody is talking about.
Grindbin Podcast - Grindhouse and Exploitation Films
Welcome to the Grindbin, a podcast where your hosts Mike Wood and Chris Mann dig through the exploitation films and grindhouse cinema of the 1970's and 1980's. Join us on our journey to explore these forgetting film classics of decades past and breathe new life into the movies that time forgot.