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Just wanted to hop on and give you all a quick update on where things stand with this podcast and what I hope to have in store for you all in the beginning of 2021! --- Support this podcast:
With this global pandemic, I am frequently catching myself shaming and critiquing how I am not doing enough self-care. I am not getting up early enough in the morning for my self-care routine, I am not as physically active as I should be, I am not doing all of the fun activities with my daughter or not sticking to a homeschooling schedule, I am not super productive enough and I am not doing enough for my business. So many "shoulds" and even more of feeling like I am not "doing enough". Maybe some of this resonates with you, both the internal and external shaming around self-care, but as I came to realize today that as long as I continue to show up with grace and my true self each time and each moment, I am doing enough and that is all that counts. Share with me if you are experiencing any type of shame around your self-care, I would love to hear how you are navigating changing that dialogue. --- Support this podcast:
This is needed right now, we are in a  global pandemic and what is needed is real self-care. Caring for ourselves so that we can be there for others, whether you are a mother or a healthcare professional or teacher. I have dubbed Jill Miller, one of my first influential yoga and movement teachers, as the queen of self-care, because she has truly helped me bring ore body awareness and self-soothing that my body needed when all I was doing was punishing it. With intuitive self-care, you are introduced to you with the work of self-myofascial release (via Yoga Tune Up therapy balls) as well as many other facets of self-care, both the beautiful and the ugly.      Instagram: @yogatuneup Website: --- Support this podcast:
Corona Virus AKA COVID 19 is now a pandemic and self-care and community care are an absolute must right now. We can either continue to hold our selves in a constant state of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety or begin to use the tools of self-care to help us overcome this current crisis. Definitely not going to offer one answer that will fit all needs, but to be aware that if you are taking part in social isolation, that you are still staying in contact with loved ones and people in your community even if not in person. It is very easy to get sucked into all of the news and dig yourself into a deep and dark hole. This can be an opportunity where we can begin to start connecting and reaching out to help others who are in desperate need of help during this dark time. Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands and don't touch your face! --- Support this podcast:
Bethany Drohmann is one busy woman, with three kids and a business, maintaining a regular movement practice for a dancer and mover like herself would seem pretty challenging. Listen in on ways that Bethany has been able to find a creative and novel way of integrating movement/self-care into her busy life with kids.  ***Apologies for the sound quality, this was recorded in a cafe last year during the power outages in the Bay Area when I had no power in my home, so I apologize for some of the background noises :(*** Instagram handle: @movementmama Facebook page: Mama Moves Cards Website: Blog: How to Walk and Hike With Small Children 7 reasons why a little movement all day is better than only exercising. Use code CAREFORMAMAS25 for $25 off for course or the cards at Discount code is SELFCARE25 for $25 off. --- Support this podcast:
Another episode of Self-Care Practices Gone Wrong and I am talking about hair. If you don’t know me or haven’t met me, I am a woman of color and have loc’ed hair. Growing up, hair has definitely been a big part of my life, which helped me define beauty unfortunately and was also the wellspring for change in my life. How does our hair define self-care for us? Can the damaging effects on what we do to our hair speak to the care and love we give to ourselves if we may actually be poisoning ourselves? First, I want to apologize about the recording, I had my hair down and it was moving around my microphone and that is the sound you are hearing, sorry ☹, I hope it isn’t too annoying. Help support this podcast so I can start recording in a professional space, right now, it is done in my living room! Also, I made a faux pas when I talked about my miscarriage, it wasn’t at 20 months! It was actually at 20 weeks. Hair Dyes and Straighteners Linked to Cancer- The WellBe Organic Salon Guide: How to Find Non-Toxic Hair Dye and Protect Yourself From Harmful Chemicals at the Hair Salon- --- Support this podcast:
For the 50th episode, I have Dr. Carrie Pagliano, a PT who specializes in women's health come on to the podcast to talk about her own journey through self-care before becoming a mom, as a mom and now as a mom to two children while also holding down a very successful PT practice. We then spend some time discussing how some of the myths that women are fed during postpartum (diastasis recti, prolapse) can actually be damaging and how changing that narrative can be meaningful to how they perceive their own healing. She shares her own journey as a PT while also struggling with her own postpartum diagnosis and how she has gone to overcome them and still move and grow in ways that step away from the norm. --- Support this podcast:
A self-care practice that has been in use for ages and was still done by immigrants to the US and other Western countries but popularized in the last 10 years. We delve into what yoni or vaginal steaming is, the process of this practice, what conditions this self-care practice can help with and some of the theories or claims for and against it. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back and welcome to a New Year! As we kick off off Season 4, I am happy to have Sukie Baxter, a posture and movement specialist come on the podcast to discuss various aspects of posturing, alignment, how posturing affects our brain, and her perspective on chronic pain and where the focus should lie. Even though this was recorded in the fall and we talk about the holidays, she shares some great self-care tips that can carry you through all year round. Website: Free guide to easing muscle aches and pains: Perfect Posture for Life eBook: Posture Rehab system: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: --- Support this podcast:
--- Support this podcast:
I am doing this episode to close out season 3 as we approach the holidays.  I want to extend a huge thank you to all of you who have been listening to season 3 and the previous episodes as well. Just knowing that there is someone out there listening and hopefully feeling inspired to help change the way we look at self-care and the way we learn about our bodies is inspiration enough for me to continue with this work.  As I mention in the podcast, there will be some changes as I am now an employed, full-time physical therapist. So, coming in January 2020, episodes will be coming out bi-monthly instead of every week. I will be continuing with the interviews as well as the self-care practices gone wrong episodes and hope to do more as time allows.  I encourage you to listen to past episodes in the meantime during the break and be on the lookout for season 4, episode 48 on January 6th, 2020! --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Jessica Drummond, the founder of Integrative Women's Health Institute, a physical therapist as well as a functional nutritionist. We discussed various facets of women's health with a focus on the role that stress, insulin and cortisol play in our health. If you are one who subsides on a "coffee and wine diet", have a hard time staying asleep at night or no longer feel the same as you did when you entered your postpartum period, this is the episode for you. --- Support this podcast:
I want to start by apologizing. this episode was supposed to come out last week, but my computer had other ideas and I was not able to get it out on time. Additionally (you can tell I was clearly not altogether for this episode) I forgot to wear my microphone, so for the first 2/3rd of the episode, the sound me be off and I apologize. One of the challenges of doing the audio, recording and editing all your self :) Today's episode highlights some of the dangers when it comes to using nail polish or having it applied when at a nail salon and the detrimental effects it can have on your body and overall health. If your self-care practice is one that could cause harm, is it really a practice to continue when it will only cause harm in the end? hidden health risk of gel manicures that no one ever talks about Effects if Nail Polish Ingredients nail polish is dangerous. This is what id does to your body! What Happens to Your Body 10 hours after Putting on Nail Polish, Poisoned Workers --- Support this podcast:
Consider joining or being a part of this self-care challenge! Not only is this helpful to establish a self-care routine before the holidays but can also be used all year long. --- Support this podcast:
Many of us, as mothers, would possibly classify ourselves as wanting to be perfect. Wanting motherhood, birth, pregnancy, our children and so forth to be perfect. Thankfully, being a stepmom has pulled me out of that desire to be a perfect anything or have a perfect anything and instead just revel in imperfection. I believe that self-care can also impact us in the same way. We envision how we want to be caring for ourselves in a certain way, but it may not be affordable, lengthy enough or perfect enough. In today's episode, I talk about looking at the process of caring for yourself as a continued journey of progress instead of always seeking out perfection. --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Gabbi Whisler is no stranger to anxiety and depression. After years of struggling to find her path, she landed on physical therapy and has been combining the two worlds together, the use of physical therapy to help treat and coach patients with anxiety. No system ever works alone and when the physical, the mental, emotional and spiritual can be all addressed, then that is when true healing can be found. Instagram Facebook --- Support this podcast:
Having anxiety gets a really bad rap...I could safely say that all of us have at one time or another dealt with an anxious situation or event and lived to tell the tale. How about looking at anxiety as just another normal human emotion and then even reframing how we see that emotion as one that can help us instead of deter us from what we need. As mothers, we are just as guilty of having this on the daily, so let's reframe what anxiety can look like for us. Postpartum Anxiety You Can Treat Your Postpartum Depression and Still Breastfeed The Effects of Stress on Your Body 15 Small Steps You Can Take to Improve Anxiety Symptoms --- Support this podcast:
Have you ever wondered what a pelvic floor physical therapist actually does? Are you a mom who might have some urine or fecal leakage or just not feel right "down there" after giving birth? Well, Dr. Juan Martin is here to answer those questions and more in today's episode. Not only does she treat these issues, but she has experienced them herself. She goes in-depth into what she considers to be self-care for the pelvic floor and how she has been able to incorporate self-care into her busy life as a mom and a full-time PT! JMM Health Solutions Facebook Instagram --- Support this podcast:
I have written about this before, finding out what your "normal" is and by doing that, you need to have an understanding of what your baseline is? No idea what that is...check out this episode on how you can establish your own baseline and then listen to another wonderful PT, Julie Wiebe, who discusses the importance of establishing your baseline and how doing this now can have an impact on the next generation of mothers. This can apply to all aspects of your life, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally, but hear I discuss it in the context of pelvic floor/women's health. I am hoping by doing this, we can turn the tide of misinformation, lack of advocacy, body literacy and even guidance as we navigate motherhood. --- Support this podcast:
How in tune are you with your cycle? Is it something you dread or maybe even avoid until it is all over? This is, among other things, is what DeNicea Hilton calls Period Bypassing. It is something that she helps young girls, teens, and women who are struggling with their cycle help bring connection and intuitive awareness through the use of Eastern Medicine.  You can find out more about her work, her upcoming podcast and more opportunities to work with her at:  Social Media Links: Email to Request Complimentary Consult for One-to-One Support for Menstrual and Fertility Health - Links to Mentorships: Holistic Menstrual Health Mentorship - Holistic Menstrual Health Mentorship - Mother/Daughter Edition - Membership: Period Bypassing(TM) Revolution Membership (Join for free as Influencer!) - --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Henderson is a true pioneer. The founder of BLK+GRN, a beautifully curated online virtual store with products by black-owned businesses, she helps to encourage and inspire more women to think more critically about the products that they use on a daily basis. With a background in public health, she has seen the disparities that are still present in communities of color and how the current maternal health crisis affecting WOC may be tied to environmental toxins that they are putting on their body as part of their beauty and self-care routine.  Dr. Kristian Henderson Instagram Dr. Kristian Henderson website BLK+GRN Donate to support this podcast! --- Support this podcast:
To be honest, when I started out researching this topic, I was pretty clueless and surprised at how prevalent skin bleaching is and is a continued practice in parts of the US, Africa, the Carribean, and Asia.  Despite this practice, that is going back several hundred years, and the known physical, physiological and mental damages that can occur from the continued use of skin bleaching, it is still prevalent and in some cases seen as necessary in order for a woman to be considered of worth or value in her society. I hope that after listening you gain some deeper insight into this unfortunate self-care practice and develop a level of understanding of what skin bleaching is and how the practice has been perpetuated and encouraged for so long, a certain level of empathy for understanding their why and lastly a hope that you will go out into your communities and begin to respect and revere in the uniqueness of all women no matter their looks or skin color and see that deep down, essentially we are all the same. The Reality of Skin Bleaching and the Story Behind It The Truth Behind Skin Bleaching: Slavery Origins, Harmful Side Effects Dove, Real Beauty and the Racist History of Skin Whitening Asia's Skin Whitening Craze The Shocking Cancer Effects of Skin Bleaching Why Black Woman in a Predominantly Black Culture Are Still Bleaching Their Skin Donate to help support this podcast --- Support this podcast:
Today's host is a pioneer in the yoga and Pilates world with her innovative and creative takes on traditional movements. We discuss everything from the new crop of yoga teachers finding their voice and making their mark in the yoga world, "yoga Daddy's" to her journey from a  small town in Oklahoma to being a soon to be author with her upcoming book, Yoga Deconstructed: Transitioning from Rehabilitation Back into the Yoga Studio, coming out December 2019.  @trinaaltman Trina Altman website Mighty Network: The Masterful Art of Self-Care KPFA Radio Show --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, I talk about guilty pleasures. Have you ever considered any of your pleasures to be guilty or maybe someone has told you what you consider to be pleasurable as something that is bad or negative. Do you even allow yourself to indulge in even simple pleasures? Sometimes, we may feel that we have to be on the go and busy and super productive that we can't give ourselves just a tiny bit of pleasure. Take a listen to this episode as I divulge on this topic and offer two actionable steps that you can take to determine where you stand  on the pleasure scale. Then share your feedback on the Mighty Networks community. The Masterful Art of Self-Care blog New York Times article: 'Guilty' Pleasure? No Such Thing Mighty Networks: The Masterful Art of Self-Care - Join Our community! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to another episode of The Masterful Art of Self-Care! I am now a graduate of physical therapy (woo-hoo!) and so excited to jump back into this project of mine, bringing some wickedly smart and passionate folks into this space to help share, educate and empower you in your self-care journey.  In today's episode, I have Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC of Stop Chasing Pain. There are so many great things that he shares on his Instagram page (you should follow it!) and he does so on this episode as well. I hope that after listening you will take away some "little tiny action steps" to begin to integrate self-care into your life...enjoy! Instagram: Website:   --- Support this podcast:
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