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60 Podcasts to Listen to in August 2021

Here are a collection of 60 must listen podcasts for August 2021! We have something for everybody, true crime, false crime, audio fictions, documentaries, science fiction, comedy, romance, horror, and so much more! We have everything plus the kitchen sink!

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Created July 27, 2021

Updated March 11, 2022



  1. 60 Must Listen Podcasts for August 2021

  2. Paolo is a smart and handsome surgeon, renowned for his ability to perform surgeries that transform his patients’ lives. When television producer Benita covers him for a story, he’ll transform her life too, but not in the ways she expects. As B
  3. Highlighting true stories of Black people’s fight for liberation, progress and joy from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. Seizing Freedom illustrates the myriad ways Black people have sought and defined their own freedom in
  4. Each week, physician, economist, and author of "Random Acts of Medicine" Dr. Bapu Jena will dig into a fascinating study at the intersection of economics and healthcare. He takes on questions like: Why do kids with summer birthdays get the flu
  5. I read books. I read authors. I read ratchet. Join me as I dive into books both big and small, good and awful, and enjoy every moment of it.
  6. A famed lost spaceship, the USS HOPE, returns to Earth after vanishing thirty-five years prior. The lone survivor (Richard Madden) disembarks mysteriously​ looking the exact same age as when he left​. Following the ensuing media chaos, he final
  7. Relationships let's talk about itYou can support this podcast @Cash App: $TheMainWeirdoBuy Me A Coffee: The Manic Pixie Weirdo PodcastCheck out our links @https://www.mimi.link/themainw...
  8. History is full of the extraordinary.Each week, we'll transport you back in time to witness history's most incredible moments and remarkable people.New episodes Mondays, or a week early for Noiser+ subscribers.With Noiser+ you'll also get
  9. Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment Studios, in partnership with KQED & PRX. It is hosted by Glynn Wa
  10. Join hosts Anthony, Jason, and Don as they discuss soundtracks and scores from movies, television, and video games from the fan perspective! Releasing every 2 weeks, the three will cover a variety of topics and have fun whilst doing it! Rea
  11. Object Of Sound brings you in tune with the music shaping our culture today. Hosted by poet and critic Hanif Abdurraqib, each episode blends the eclectic curation of freeform radio with artist interviews and textural storytelling, guiding you t
  12. Your host Kelly of the Supernatural/Paranormal Investigations and Research Institute (SPIRIT) examines Canada's most famous and forgotten paranormal mysteries of the Great White North with an unhinged sense of humor.
  13. Help Me Be Me is an emotional toolkit for creating positive change in yourself. I like to think of it as self-help for people who hate self-help. I'm Sarah May, coach/author/all-around happy person, and these are the tools that work for me in m
  14. Jeff Vs The World Podcast is the home for “Hood Classics” Podcast where me and the homie Shahid review movies in the only way we know how with style and humor.Also Jeff Vs The World Podcast is the home of the “I’m Not Dave” Wrestling Podcast.
  15. An audio guide to the world’s strange, incredible, and wondrous places. Co-founder Dylan Thuras and a neighborhood of Atlas Obscura reporters explore a new wonder every day, Monday through Thursday. In under 15 minutes, they’ll take you to an i
  16. Victimology: the study of the victims of crime and the psychological effects on them of their experience. Join host, Melissa Lee, as she utilizes her platform to share information about cases new and old, fresh and cold. Victimology is based
  17. The Best Advice Show is your reminder that there are weird, delightful and effective ways to make life slightly and sometimes profoundly better. In every (very short) episode of the show, a different contributor offers their take on making life
  18. All the Books! is a weekly show of recommendations and enthusiasm regarding the week's new book releases.
  19. A Weekly Star Trek podcast focusing on the past, present, and future of Trek.
  20. A Horror-ish Comedy Podcast. Come for the scares, stay for the laughs! Hosted by Rob, Laura and Greg.
  21. In this intensely divided moment, one of the few things everyone still seems to agree on is Dolly Parton—but why? That simple question leads to a deeply personal, historical, and musical rethinking of one of America’s great icons. Join us for a
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  22. The Last Bohemians is an award-winning, critically acclaimed, independent podcast series that meets maverick and radical women in arts and culture and takes listeners on a vivid, hallucinatory trip through their extraordinary lives. From subver
  23. Top-rated podcast, hosted by sisters Paulina and Bricia Lopez. Super Mamas is a judgment-free space where new, expecting and experienced mothers come together to learn from one another. Laugh and cry along with the Super Mamas every week as the
  24. Legends: A Superhero Story is an actual play podcast, using the new Legends: Superhero Role Playing Game system, written and created by Jack and Chad Matchette. Set in New Olympus, our story takes place in a world of larger than life heroes and
  25. This is a podcast about this, that and the other. My takes on life, society, politics, and whatever else happens to cross my mind. There will be interviews about everything from movies to restaurants, dinner to drinks, games to sports.....this
  26. Learn from Leaders (Chick-fil-a, The Ritz-Carlton, Crumbl Cookies, Zappos, Google, and Disney), best-selling authors (Matt Dixon, Laura Gassner Otting, Kindra Hall, Joey Coleman), and other fascinating people like Hostage Negotiators, Authors,
  27. What's Your Story? is a storytelling podcast that connects people who are struggling with their mental illness, with strangers who share their lived experience. Listen as holistic health coach, JD, discusses both the dark side and the light sid
  28. Looking to scale your business or increase your sales by starting a podcast? Find out what it takes to launch a killer podcast or learn about the latest trends in the podcasting industry! Join us as we interview world's leading podcast producer
  29. Tabletop Tiddies began in 2020, with our Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Stream and Podcast, The Wildwell Trials. For our inaugural season, we took a dive into Fearfort, a world completely homebrewed by our Dungeon Goddess, Charlene Bayer. Thr
  30. "SmartLess" with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to learn about shared experiences through thoughtful dialogue and organic hilarity. A nice surprise: in each episode o
  31. Join host Morgan Absher and her team of co-hosts as they scavenge Reddit, listener write-ins, and the rest of the internet to give their hot takes on the juiciest dating, relationship, life, and AITA stories.Morgan's IG: https://www.instagram
  32. We watch films and flog dead horses, so you don't have to.Is this week's film choice a complete waste of your viewing time?Much like Flogging/Beating a dead horse is...Get it? Anywho...Bone dry humour, an Irish woman's potty mouth & petty squab
  33. Every company has a story.Learn the playbooks that built the world’s greatest companies — and how you can apply them as a founder, operator, or investor.
  34. Lily Legacy & Dae Yunique offer their perspectives on life, culture, and adulthood from Seattle, WA.
  35. Is We Dumb? is a weekly, comedic podcast where Dan Cummins and Joe Paisley explore some of the worst/best/dumbest content the internet has to offer, and laugh at the possible collapse of society.
  36. Its Always Time For True Crime! A podcast that's all about the lesser known cases of murder, missing person cases, and serial killers!
  37. "Drinks. Friends. Television." Welcome! Each season of our podcast we will pick a show that one of us has seen and thinks the other should watch. Our format is meant to be informal and fun so we will be drinking (responsibly) as we chat. We rea
  38. Comedians Joe Dombrowski (former elementary school teacher) and co-host Gaspare Randazzo (current high school teacher) discuss the chaotic life in and out of the classroom, the nuances of parenting toddlers, and pretty much all things millennia
  39. What happened this past weekend. And sometimes what happened on other days.
  40. Our fifth season is Decoding John Ford, a seven-episode series about cinema's most mysterious auteur. Using scores of never-before-heard archival interviews, host Ben Mankiewicz strips back John Ford's self-spun mythology to reveal his brillian
  41. Walter Thompson-Hernández speaks with formerly incarcerated young writers whose work will be read over the course of the season by creatives like John Legend, Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Karamo Brown, Jay Ellis, Keke Palmer, Julio Torres, and Jesse
  42. Take a deep dive into pop nostalgia with us! Pop culture influencers, TV stars, film actors, comedians, and musicians share inspirational stories about the road to success. Insightful conversations that are part comedy/part drama and are always
  43. 1
    Hiya bab! Join your favourite same-name bear 'power couple' as they navigate their life together and discuss the quirks of their respective homelands - the UK and Argentina. Do the British do it best or is the Argentine way of life where it's a
  44. 10
    Love Wrestling is a brand dedicated to covering the most positive aspects of the professional wrestling business through high-quality audio, video, and written content. Proudly based in Edmonton, Alberta.
  45. Located in the 607, The ODPH podcast talks a parlay of topics each week! Whether it‘s Sports, Movies, Tv, Comics, Pro wrestling & more, expect the #ODPHpod to have a take on it! odphpodcast.com
  46. Welcome to Advent of Computing, the show that talks about the shocking, intriguing, and all too often relevant history of computing. A lot of little things we take for granted today have rich stories behind their creation, in each episode we w
  47. When a shocking crime occurs, people ask “Why?” Was it about power, ego, or revenge? On Killer Psyche, retired FBI agent Candice DeLong draws on her decades of experience to reveal why these murderers and criminals committed these heinous acts.
  48. A bunch of idiots, drinking and talking about conspiracies.
  49. Hilarious takes from serious experts. Each week I'm joined by a new stand up comedian and a new expert to discuss their field of expertise. We're talking the big topics, the brain, space, climate science, psychedelics and all the areas you're m
  50. Trust in the media is at an all-time low. And there’s a reason—endless virtue signaling and manufactured outrage. Finally, there’s an alternative. Morning Wire is presented by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief, John Bickley, and co-host Georgia Howe.
  51. Fold your dollars, grab a beer and make your way to the stage.Experience Denver nightlife with the graveyard staff of the adult entertainment industry.  Ex-dancers Pixie and Mister J analyze the Ins/Outs, and social nightlife of being a stripp
  52. We are 3 people that enjoy watching and reading about true crime. We have no background in criminal justice or psychology whatsoever. Steve is a phone man. Tina is a teacher. Christine works in a hospital. We’re just really interested in crime
  53. Truce explores the history of the evangelical church in America, from fundamentalism to pyramid schemes to political campaigns. Host Chris Staron uses journalistic tools to investigate how the church got here and how it can do better.The curre
  54. Weekly, comedian best friends Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together in the bear cave at YMH Studios to do what bears do: make each other laugh.
  55. Bailey Sarian, a professional makeup artist & true crime connoisseur, is taking her expertise from her popular YouTube series, Murder, Mystery & Makeup, and expanding into the podcast world with Dark History! Each week, she will explore the chi