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The J-Man Show
The J-Man Show: a variety podcast/radio show featuring J in different circumstances as he braves the world of independent media. Breaking Stereotypes, Satirizing issues in society, promoting other creatives, and providing unique commentary on life while attempting to survive in a world gone mad.
Live the Hustle
I'm looking to inspire the uninspired, and motivate the unmotivated to get up, get dressed, and get hustling! In this podcast series I go over my hurdles, challenges, and successes. I will also be interviewing people who have made change, despite the odds, in an effort to motivate you to get up, get dressed, and get HUSTLING! Patreon: If you want to follow me on social media: Twitter: Bobby_Wiley77 Instagram: Bobby_Wiley Support this podcast:
Journalism in the Age of Data
How journalists are coping with a flood of information by borrowing data visualization techniques from computer scientists, researchers and artists. A video report in eight chapters. (54 minutes running time)