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Over three decades ago, 7-year-old Jaclyn Dowaliby vanished from her bedroom in the middle of the night while everybody else in the suburb slept soundly. It's frightening for a parent to think that someone could sneak into their child's bedroom
The J-Man Show: a variety podcast/radio show featuring J in different circumstances as he braves the world of independent media. Breaking Stereotypes, Satirizing issues in society, promoting other creatives, and providing unique commentary on l
Music journalist Ruby Price speaks to the people involved in the scene… the scene being Yorkshire and Manchester's music communities and the people who play there! Get in touch: email: Twitter:
Best friends Amber and Coral discuss some of the most interesting and under reported murders and mysteries. Join them for some true crime chat, but don't forget your iced coffee!
I'm looking to inspire the uninspired, and motivate the unmotivated to get up, get dressed, and get hustling! Money is out there ready to be made, it just takes some work to get it. Get up, get dressed, and get HUSTLING! Patreon: https://www.p
Entretiens journalistiques s'intéresse à l'univers fascinant des médias et du journalisme. L'animateur Hugo Prévost part à la rencontre de personnalités marquantes des médias d'ici et d'ailleurs pour mieux faire comprendre les grands enjeux du
How journalists are coping with a flood of information by borrowing data visualization techniques from computer scientists, researchers and artists. A video report in eight chapters. (54 minutes)
At the height of the Vietnam War, a government insider named Daniel Ellsberg leaked 7,000 pages of classified documents to American newspapers. The Pentagon Papers revealed that Americans had been lied to for decades about the war. Fifty years
In this third season of the podcast, episodes will focus greatly on the work of local journalists. Reporters from around the U.S. will talk about their ideas and stories, how they work, and how their region fits into the big picture of American