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Hola mis amigos, mi nombre es Alejandro y me encanta la comunicación. Disfruto haciendo videos, fotografía y ahora podcasts. Espero que me apoyen y compartan los audios. Hi, my name is Alejandro Gutierrez and love communications. I enjoy doing
The nerds have taken over Hollywood and the revolution WILL be... podcast! (Podcasted? We're not sure.) Matt Barnes (Rogue Creative Development) along with a team of insightful and hilarious collaborators hosts this channel about the biggest m
Alta y baja cultura. El podcast más inteligente y más estúpido de la red. Con Ruth Pérez @soymuyjicster y Enrique Borbón @GermanBorbon
Semi-serious comedic ranting from two new dads
In a male-dominated society, Lizzy J shakes off the negativity that comes with certain derogatory terms for an intelligent, ambitious, successful woman. With her new weekly podcast, AMB Podcast, Lizzy J will be leveraging her unique position as
With Sounds of Resistance: voices from the streets, that is exactly what you will get. Voices from people entrenched in the community, essential players in the movement. Beautiful people. People, who, for me, keep hope alive that We Can Create
We the Village tells stories of humans whose lives and actions seek equity
Marie will be giving her advice on things in life sit back and relax enjoy the show.
Chris Gondek interviews members of the Williams College diaspora.